About Us...

So what is MAB Mindz, what does MAB stand for? Three adjectives; Mellifluous Abstract Beautiful. Now I'm not going to tell you what all three of these words mean. You can look them up, hopefully you already know two of them lol. Anyway carry on.

We're MAB and we live in the moment of life. It is the Essence of Abstraction, it's having the mentality of being innovative every second of your ongoing changing all the time fast moving learning something new everyday crazy Beautiful life.

MAB MINDZ is for those who hate certain rules. The rebels and leaders, philosophers of art, culture and life. The freelance artists, all vision thinkers. The ones who follow their dreams, becomes kings & queens.

This is for you reading this always stay Focused, Keep Faith, and Fufill your passion in life. It's a lifestyle brand thats all about Dope pictures, crackin' trips, FR3$H art, crazy fun moments, crashin' big events, accomplishing your goals with your mind and gettin' it in. We're not trying to catch and write life. We choose to stand out, be abnormal apart from everyone else.

Saying we have swag will be a pejorative meaning. That's why we are who we Be, Cool like how we are & Different how we should be. You can say we're Mellifluous Abstract Beautiful and that's how our Mindz roll.

- We're MAB Mindzā„¢ respect the movement. Chase Ur Dream young

Levelle Timberlake
Founder, CEO & Creative Director