Here's why, now 26 is a very important to us as local brand, a company and people. 
 The price is affordable for all our age groups keeping it under $30 which is the average price range of shirts in our market. 
 This number is very important to the founder and CEO Levelle Timberlake. Who is a father, creator, community leader and educator, born in Minneapolis, MN. He was raised throughout the Twin Cities with his two siblings and many cousins. 
Around the 90s in the Northside community we all lived on 26th. Running through all the neighbors yards playing tag, hide and seek, sometimes ding dog ditch lol. We hung out with family and close friends along the 26th Street. Stretching from Penn all the way to Lyndale. 
 Last this number is also important to Levelle; well one reason. It is one of the two jersey numbers from my favorite basketball player. A great legend, a father, community leader and Black man... Kobe Bryant. It is the day of my birthday and the day after Christmas which is also my sons birthday.
•NOTE Larger sizes will sale at $28 only cause of the higher garment price