PENERGY /pe ˈenərjē/ ~ Positive Energy. A strong, motivating message; “teach, absorb and spread positive energy. Instead of just saying energy we added a “P” and created a new word; which is what MAB MINDZ is all bout.

“Always thinking outside of the normal perspective, challenge your creativity and see what you get. Tying it back to the brands mission statement and messages we like to put in our designs.”

Spark that aura, spread the message of gettin out nothing but Positive Energy by any means necessary. Absorbing PENERGY when it comes your way. Positive thinking, Positive moves, Positive emotions all channel to your spirit.

Product Details:

• Dad caps feature POSITIVE ENERGY in an embroidery text style.

• A MABLYF hem label sewn on back at the buckle.

CUSTOMER NOTE: The purchase is a pre-order. All hats are currently in production mode. Please allow 3 weeks for shipping. We are expecting that to change to two weeks. Updates will be provided.


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